The Cool Ceiling technology with Aditya Technology has been refined and successfully utilized in India for over 5 years.
In buildings of office space, executive floors, architecture cabinets and all offices where people remain seated most of the time, the degree of comfort to be achieved is critical and directly linked to the people productivity.

Studies have proven that working in a quiet and comfortable atmosphere without draft increase the productivity of the people up to 50% and even more if we compare to simpler systems, enhance the creativity and the imagination.

With the conventional systems in summer, the blast of cold air will cool down the human body and the room walls with high air volumes displacements.

In our case, the cold ceiling surface will directly cool down the different heat sources in the room by radiations. A small ventilation is foreseen in addition to bring the necessary fresh air for hygienic and dehumidification purpose.


  • Thermal comfort enhancement
  • Noise reduction
  • Space savings
  • Energy savings